Air filtration  /  Filtermedien

Filter Pads And Rolls / Luftfilterplatten Und -Zellen

Air-filter pads and rolls are made from synthetic, glass, or natural fibres. They are used for special application areas in ventilation and climate-control, to include the following: controlled-condition cabinets; air-intake filter systems for fans, compressors, and motors; filter systems for motor combustion air; and in room-air treatment systems.

Bag Filters / Taschenfilter

Bag filter is composed of several filter bags. The individual bags, made of micro-fibreglass fleece, have been shaped so as to provide wedge-shaped filter bags. The spacers in the individual filter bags ensure complete utilization of the full bag depth and, in turn, of the entire filter surface. The spacer seam is sealed. The ready-to-install filter bags are secured to sturdy U-shaped profile frames (25 mm) by clamp fittings.

Compact & Panel Filters / Kompakt- & Paneelfilter

Compact filters are made of micro glass paper which is pleated into folds to form extremely stable filter packs. The number and height of the pleats are optimally designed to match the operationg conditons of the filter element.

Carbon Filters / Aktivkohlefilter

Activated charcoal cartridges are inserted into mounting frames of air handling units. The cartridges guarantee a large contact surface in combination with a small approach flow cross section. They are replaceable as well as regenerable. The cartridges are employed in technical systems for air conditioning to adsorb harmful gases and smelling substances.