FRP Pultruded Profiles   /  GFK Poltrudierte Profile

Pultruded FRP Profiles are made from high quality raw material, and are provided in different shapes and sizes. They are widely used in hi-tech fields such as aerospace, modern sewing machinery, the petrochemical industry, medical machinery, automobiles, machinery manufacturing, and construction.


  • Strength / Pultruded profiles have a high ratio of resistance to weight and, kilo for kilo, are stronger than steel along their length.
  • Weight / Pultruded profiles are very lightweight. Indeed, compared with other profiles of the same volume, the profiles will weigh 25% of the weight of the steel and 77% of alluminium.
  • Corrosion resistance / The structural pultruded profiles are resistant to corrosion and to a vast range of chemical substances. In many structural applications where wood would be subject to rot and metal to rust, the pultruded products can last indefinitely, with little or no maintenance.
  • Non- Conductive / Glass reinforced pultrusions have low thermal conductivity and are electrically non-conductive.
  • Electrical Conductibility / Pultruded products are transparent to radio waves, microwaves and other electromagnetic frequencies.
  • Dimensional Stability / The coefficient of thermal expansion of pultruded products is slightly less than steel and significantly less than aluminum.
  • Low Temperature Capabilities / The pultruded products have very low thermal conductive properties and in high or low temperatures do not expand or contract like metals.
  • Maintenance Costs / Pultruded materials have a longer life expectancy than other materials and require only minimal maintenance. No further painting is necessary due to the direct addition of pigments into the resin.
  • Easy to Work / Pultruded materials are easily worked using traditional carpentry tools with carbon or diamond blades. The fibreglass materials are lightweight, and consequently easy to mount and install.