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Composite FRP gratings have unique properties that do not have any metal materials. They are used in environments where there is increased humidity, aggressive environments, and where increased material life requirements are imposed. Composite materials are maintenance-free, which means that you mount them once and do not have to incur additional maintenance costs such as coating and many other tasks you perform on metallic materials.

Their features include:

  • corrosion resistance
  • low weight
  • chemical resistance
  • resistance to UV radiation
  • high strength
  • usable at temperatures from -100 ° C to 180 ° C
  • easy assembly
  • long life

The company produces a complete range of moulded FRP gratings :

Concave FRP Grating 

Concave Grating is more suited to low foot traffic areas and is particularly suitable for hygiene applications where a high standard of slip resistance is needed and ease of cleaning is a consideration.

Gritted FRP Grating

Gritted grating has quartz crystal bonded to the top sur face ensuring an extremely durable and slip resistant surface. This type of grating has one of the highest degrees of slip resistance measured for a walking surface.

Covered FRP Grating

All types and sizes of grating are available with covered tops. The covered top is typically 3 mm thick and is bonded to the grating panel after manufacture. This creates a strong but lightweight covered panel. All panels are available with gritted, chequer plate or smooth finish. Ideally suited to service trenches, access pits, gully covers, walkways and cable troughs etc.

Mini Mesh FRP grating

Mini-mesh Grating has a 13 mm x 13 mm open mesh area. The smaller opening prevents objects as small as 13mm from falling through and complies with the European 15 mm ball failing test requirement. The smaller holes also offer smooth movement for small wheeled trolleys, wheelchairs etc.


1. Corrosion and Chemical Resistant

Corrosion is a major problem within industries such as chemical, steel, food and beverage, water and wastewater, power- the list goes on. Gratings are particularly designed to provide safe, long- lasting, economical and worry- free solutions in environments where chemicals and other corrosives attack metal, wood and similar materials. Depending on the enviroment, resins sucha s orthophthalic polyester, isophthalic polyester, vinylester or phenolic may be used in the construction of our products.

2. High strength - to- weight ratio

Gratings are manufactured as a composite of continuous fibreglass strands and high quality resin. I tis integrally constructed for strength, and is less than one- half the weight of steel grating allowing easy removal for access and installation with no heavy equipment and reduced manual handling risks. Properly installed, meets specified load requirements for steel and is more impact resistant than metal.

3. Impact resistance

The impact resistance of FRP allows repeated deflection without permanent deformation. A certain amount of deflection can occur with loading. Unlike metal grating fibreglass has a good memory, so once the object is removed the Fibreglass Grating will fully recover to it?s original position.

4. Fire resistance

Gratings are fire restistance. Depending on the resin type it achieves a Coass 1 flame spread rating of between 5-25 or less. Test reports are available on request. Special fire retardant requirements can be met with extra additives.

5. Ergonomic

Employees experience fatigue after standing on solid concrete or heavy non-adjustable galvanized steel platforms all day. Gratings are excellent solution to ease the strain on the back, feet and legs of workers. Its natural slight resiliency makes it comfortable to stand on for long periods of time thus reducing worker fatigue. This can be improved upon by inclusion of our plastic inserts to create further allowable deflection.

6. Slip-resistant

Slips and falls are a major hazard in many industries causiing injuries and lost work days. Gratings are available with a concave or gritted surface, both offer outstanding slip resistance in wet and oily environments and have consistently reduced slips and falls in industrial facilities.

7. Life Span

More than 30-40 years of useful life is guaranteed for  Gratings.

8. Maintenance Free

Install it and forget about it. is easy to clean. Its open mesh permits debris to fall through the grating panel preventing a hazardous build-up on the walking surface. It is corrosion resistant ant the colour remains fast due to it is ultraviolet resistant properties.

9. Safety

NON - CONDUCTIVE properties make it ideally suited for electrically hazardous locations, acting as an inslulator. Its NON- MAGNETIC propertis allow the grating to be used in sensitive installations where the inherent magnetic properties of metal grating will prove problematic and dangerous. NON-SPARKING Gratings are ideally siuted for those installations where combustible gases may be present and accidental droping of tools onto the steel grating may produce sparks.

10. Cost effectivenes

Initial purchase cost of FRP Grating compares favourably with steel grating but the real saving is made on the superiour life expectancy and zero maintenance costs. Also installation costs are usually less than that of steel grating.

FRP gratings have a wide range of use:

  • Chemical & Petroleum Industry
  • Printers and dyes
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Metallurgy
  • Transport and automotive industry
  • Shipbuilding industry
  • Urban planning and decorative purposes
  • Refinery
  • Electrotechnical industry
  • Energy
  • Food industry
  • Processing of pulp and paper
  • Water treatment and sewage treatment
  • Construction